Clearly a novel way to display a concept car

The A-Class Concept is coming to a dealership near you!

HAVING injected no small amount of style in the compact car market with its Concept A-Class, Mercedes has begun taking the car on a UK tour.
The front-wheel drive car is part of an interactive display that the German carmaker is taking to shopping centres around the country.
At each showing, the car will be hidden from view in a mirrored box, surrounded by banks of sound-reactive LED lighting which change colour and patterns in response to voices or the movement of passers-by.
A deep note will be sounded at regular intervals and the lights will begin to pulsate, music will sound and the car will be revealed in all its glory.
The Concept A-Class appears at the Westfield in London this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, October 1 and 2), followed by the Arndale Shopping Centre in Manchester the following weekend and Glasgow’s Braehead Shopping Centre on October 14 and 15.
Updates on the tour are available on twitter (search for #ConceptACLASS) or see
The car will also be calling in at around 70 Mercedes-Benz outlets nationwide. To aid with the publicity of the car, it will be transported in a transparent container on the back of a special Mercedes-Benz Atego truck, so it will be in full view.
“Both visually and technologically, Concept A-CLASS provides an exciting insight into the potential future of the Mercedes-Benz compact car range, and a tantalising glimpse of some of the features that we’re confident would influence future customers in this highly-competitive sector,” said Gary Savage, the managing director of Mercedes-Benz Cars.
“The Concept A-CLASS National Tour creates a unique experience for engaging with our potential customers ahead of some significant model launches next year, and it showcases the future direction of Mercedes-Benz in a truly eye-catching and enthralling way.”