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C3 Airdream

This is the Citroen with the lowest CO2 figures.

CITROEN has trumpeted the arrival of its most CO2 efficient traditionally engined model to date.
A bit of a mouthful, the C3 e-HDi 70 Airdream EGS VTR+ produces a very low 87g/km of CO2.
Coupled with fuel economy figures of 83.1mpg on the combined cycle, the French carmaker claims this version of its supermini ranks among the best in its class.
The diesel-powered model was unveiled at this September’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the Airdream can be ordered from dealers this month at an on-the-road cost of £15,290 (MRRP).
The C3’s biggest styling point is its panoramic Zenith windscreen, which gives great visibility. This version is fitted with Citroen’s e-HDi micro-hybrid Stop & Start technology coupled with a highly efficient 68hp diesel power plant. Extra urban fuel consumption is claimed to reach 88.3mpg.
The UK marketing director for Citroen, Jules Tilstone, said: “Citroën is committed to driving down the cost of motoring and this new model is a perfect example of that.  With impressive fuel economy, low CO2 emissions, a BIK rate at just 13 per cent, free VED and the benefit of no London Congestion Charge, this stylish model is a financially and environmentally attractive addition to the Citroën range.”
Jules continued: “Underlining the brand’s firm environmental commitment, a full 50 per cent of Citroën cars sold this year emit under 130g/km of CO2 and there has been a five-gram decrease in average CO2 emissions for the European range as a whole.”