Charging ahead with a healthy battery

New charger keeps batteries in top condition during bad weather.

ACCORDING to the AA, a flat battery is one of the most common breakdown call outs they attend. With 535,500 call outs in 2009, this is over 200,000 more than for a punctured tyre.

Flat batteries can be attributed to:

  • Lack of use or only used on short journeys.
  • Something has been left on that has drained the battery
  • A fault with the charging system
  • A fault with the battery itself.

Stop-start or short journeys do not give batteries the opportunity to recharge properly. This undercharging can result in sulphation which is the hardening of the lead plates within the battery and reduces its ability to hold charge.

Ring Automotive’s new range of SmartCharge+ battery chargers have been designed to prolong the life of a battery, but also prevent unnecessary maintenance or breakdown costs.

The SmartCharge+ range of battery chargers with their seven-stage charging cycle is a hassle free, comprehensive tool designed to diagnose, recondition and service vehicle batteries.

The Ring Automotive SmartCharge+ range is easy and intuitive to use, simply plug into the mains and connect to the battery. The SmartCharge+ will do the rest. It will test a battery and establish what action is needed.

Before charging, the SmartCharge+ range will automatically, if needed, go into a desulphation mode. If further charging is required the chargers will automatically go into a recondition stage to recover deeply discharged batteries.

For motorists the SmartCharge+ reduces the cost of battery replacement and the claims for the battery warranty.

Motorists will also see an improvement in battery performance to deal with the constant drain from the ever-increasing on board electronic equipment and in-car gadgets.

With winter already upon us, the cold temperatures often make motorists notice the state of their battery as more energy is needed to start a vehicle. The SmartCharge+ range of battery chargers is the ideal tool to keep your battery fully charged and you on the road this winter season.

The range consists on a 1amp 6v and 6v/12v Maintenance Charger, a 4amp, 8amp, 12amp and 16amp Charger. Suggested Retail Prices start from just £29.99.