Better economy bonus for Juke buyers

There are free and unexpected bonuses for Juke buyers!

MOTORISTS buying Nissan’s Juke crossover will be getting a bonus they hadn’t banked on.
As part of the company’s philosophy of continuous improvement, the manual gearbox 1.6-litre petrol and 1.5-litre dCi turbodiesel models have been made even cleaner and offer greater fuel efficiency.
The petrol version returns an improved 47.1mpg on the combined cycle and now gives out 139g/km of CO2. All this means that the 1.6-litre model now falls in tax band E, saving owners £15 on their annual road tax. When you add on savings from better fuel consumption figures, Nissan claims the changes will save a typical owner around £230 over three years on average usage.
Owners plumping for the diesel model will benefit from a new economy figure of 57.6mpg combined. Here, too, emissions are reduced, down to 129g/km. Again, these improvements have dropped the Juke down a tax band, from E to D, and now costs £95 a year to tax.
If that’s not good enough news, the best is yet to come… all these improvements come at no increase in price. On the road prices have been maintained, so owners really do save.
Since its launch in late September 2010, Nissan has sold 22,000 Jukes in the UK.