Ride away an iconic bike for just £1 deposit

Special offer means more people could afford an iconic bike.

IF you want to ride away a brand new Suzuki for just £1 – now’s your chance!
One of motorcycling’s great icons, the GSX-R750, is part of a unique offer running until the end of December 2010.
With the GSX-R750 celebrating its 25th birthday this year, this latest offer makes the ‘bike that started it all’ more accessible than ever before and thanks to a typical APR of just 2%, which means monthly payments are low too.
Suzuki GB marketing manager, George Cheeseman, said: “2010 marked the 25th anniversary of our iconic sports bike range and with the 750 a much-loved machine in the UK, we are delighted to make this bike more affordable.
“By simply putting down a deposit of £1, you really can ride away one of the most renowned sports bikes ever created.”
For more information on the GSX-R750 and this offer, visit www.suzuki-gb.co.uk.