Honda’s Hornet has Yoshimura upgrade

Honda’s CB600F can now be fitted with a Yoshimura upgrade.

DEVELOPMENT of Yoshimura’s EEC-Approved Slip-On end can for Honda’s CB600F Hornet (2007 on) has been completed and stocks will be arriving in the UK at the end of March. Featuring a newly designed stainless steel Tri-Cone end cap, mid-range and peak power are improved over stock with the dB-Killer baffle in place, with further gains once it’s removed.
Bottom and mid-range torque are also boosted.
The weight of the stock can is 2.0kg, with prices starting from £574.76 for the stainless steel version, rising to £758.69 for the carbon one.

The Yoshimura upgrade in situ.

Noise Output for the standard end can is 93.1dB at 6,000rpm while Yoshimura EEC Slip-On is 94dB 6,000rpm
Yoshimura has always proved its products at the highest level where it matters – the racetrack. Every scrap of knowledge acquired at circuits the world over makes its way back to Yoshimura’s R&D engineers and every part made – for road or competition use – benefits from years of experience; producing the ultimate outright performance and unsurpassed quality.
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