BRP Can-Am Spyder RT is new model for luxury touring

BRP Can-Am Spyder RT model line-up.
BRP Can-Am Spyder RT is ideal for luxury touring fans.

AMERICAN trike specialist BRP is raising the bar in the luxury touring riding segment with its all-new Can-Am Spyder RT model line-up.

The 2020 Can-Am Spyder RT is described as the ultimate road trip vehicle for those who crave comfort and style on the open road.

The three-wheel Spyder has an entirely new look along with added convenience features for solo or two-up adventures.

“The new Can-Am Spyder RT reflects what we’ve learned from owners over the past ten years since we first unveiled the touring line-up,” said Josee Perreault, senior vice-president, Can-Am On-Road at BRP.

“Spyder RT riders have explored millions of miles of open road, and we’ve reimagined the ideal road trip vehicle based on their feedback. This is the result, and it truly is an ultimate riding experience.”

Complementing the vehicle’s modern design are innovative, premium features focused on making the ride better and more fun.

This includes everything from new LED headlights for better road visibility, to a completely redesigned cockpit with a new display panel and easier controls.

In America the Can-Am Spyder costs from around $25,000 – prices for the UK have still to be determined.