Volkswagen Tiguan Match 2.0 TDI review & road test report

THE Volkswagen Tiguan, in its various guises, has been around since 2007, and despite its recent facelift, is beginning to show its age in my opinion, not having stood the test of time as well as the rest of the VW range.
Its chunky looks are in many ways timeless, but the front end and the car’s nose in particular, are the issue here.
The Tiguan is spacious inside and very comfortable to travel in. It’s also well kitted out for family duties, with aircraft-style fold-down trays on the back of the front seats, plenty of leg room and a decent sized boot.

Happy birthday VW Golf — a legend

VOLKSWAGEN’S Golf has past a landmark birthday — its 40th!

It merits a celebration. Global sales exceed 30-million. Now in its seventh generation, it is currently Europe’s best selling car of any make, and easily the most popular VW model sold in the UK, well ahead of the Polo and occupying a comfortable fifth place in this country’s top 10, finding a cool 65,000 customers a year.

Lion roars with RCZ sports coupe

LAUNCHED originally five years ago as a flag-waver for Peugeot’s otherwise family-oriented car range, the superb-looking RCZ sports coupe is now into Mk II form with a new front face which merges well onto the wide-hipped “double-bubble” body.