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New app should help with potholes menace

The Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) and the Government has joined forces to extend the CTC’s pothole reporting app from the iPhone to the Android platform.

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Honda launches assistance app for its owners

ALTHOUGH Honda has a good reputation for reliability they know a little extra reassurance can’t be a bad thing. So it has launched its new Honda Assistance App for smartphone users to make life on the road that bit easier. The primary function of the App is to enable Honda car and motorcycle customers covered […]

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Smooth your getaway journey by keeping kids happy

ARE we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Ah, the dulcet tones of children stuck on a long car journey! And there are two bank holidays looming, one in only a few days. But often bored kids can spoil your getaway. So, do you carry on pulling your hair out and getting […]

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SP:01 sparks up electric car performance

ALWAYS thought that electric cars were a bit of a joke or something akin to a Noddy car? You can go five or six miles in an hour? Think again. The 100 per cent electric car has a new champion and it comes from the land of gas-guzzling V8 engines… America. The Detroit Electric SP:01 […]

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Speed camera

Speeding can be more costly than you think

SPEEDING, or rather being caught speeding, can prove to be far more costly than the headline fine would suggest. Insurance companies are taking a much tougher line with drivers having penalty points added to their licence for speeding. New research carried out by RoadPilot found that the financial cost of being caught speeding is on […]

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Free app helps with mileage claims

Company car users can now calculate mileage claims simply. VAUXHALL has unveiled a new iPhone app to help business drivers. Roadtrip has been designed to give drivers a quick and easy method of tracking their journeys. The app is free and has a range of features for tracking business mileage and making mileage claims easier […]

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