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Kia pro_cee’d GT road test review

Kia pro_cee’d GT road test review: It’s a quick Kia, pro_cee’d with caution!

A Kia with a GT badge? Really? Yes, it’s true! DAVID HOOPER has been putting Kia’s hot hatch through its paces. THERE was a time when the prospect of a performance car from Kia seemed as unlikely as Santa swopping Rudolph and Co for a hybrid drive system – but not anymore! Proudly sporting GT […]

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Aquabourne radio

Aquabourne radio will never run out of power

IF you like listening to the radio when you’re away, there’s nothing worse than the batteries going flat at the most inconvenient of moments. However, this nifty little gadget could solve those problems, because it’s solar powered, can be charged by a USB lead in your car, or failing all that, you can simply wind […]

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