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Nismo heads Nissan’s 370Z line-up

THE prices for Nissan’s 2013 370Z range have been unveiled by the Japanese car giant. The revised model line-up starts at £26,995 and includes the arrival of the 370Z Nismo, the feature-packed top of the range variant which costs from £36,995. The 370Z Nismo was unveiled to the public at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. […]

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Perfect gadget – the self-healing iPhone case!

IF you are a little on the clumsy side, Nissan may have the perfect solution for you – an iPhone case that heals itself of any scratches. The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case features the company’s self-healing paint technology which was developed in 2005 and has featured on a number of Nissan and Infiniti models. […]

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Nissan 370Z

JUST when you think everything has to be frugal and green, along comes the 370Z,  and wheelworldreviews editor DAVID HOOPER says it’s a proper muscle car to truly savour.  How could you ever feel blue looking at the lovely lines of the 370Z? GETTING my hands on this car is something I’ve been looking forward […]

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