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Don’t panic! It’s only a motorway . . .

Driving on a busy motorway can be a daunting task for many motorists. FOR an estimated 10-million drivers, simply venturing onto a  motorway can turn an every day journey into a nightmare. More than one third of  drivers admit to regular feelings of anxiety when  driving, or even considering driving on motorways according to the […]

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Classic Astons form a Bond through the decades

The latest DB9 and Bond’s DB5 pictured together for the first time. TWO iconic Aston Martins have been captured together for the first time – just before one of them was sold for almost £3-million. The only remaining James Bond DB5 which featured in both Goldfinger (1964) and Thunderball (1965) had been in private ownership […]

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Frosting sends shivers down motorists’ spines

WITH the return of frosty mornings just around the corner, many motorists find themselves tempted to start their car and leave it running to warm it up before they set out on their journey. But Swinton Insurance warns car owners that should their vehicle be stolen while it is left unattended, they can expect a […]

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This tyre could kill you

After an eye-opening day with Continental Tyres at Mira, wheelworldreviews Editor David Hooper warns that you neglect your tyres at your peril! This bulge may not look much, but it could prove fatal. YOUR tyres are the only things that keep you on the road, get you round that next bend, and stop you quickly […]

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Road atlases are still a driving force

A good map is always a “must have” in the car. WHEREVER you are going, it’s always a good idea to have a good map in the car with you. The credit crunch has forced record numbers of Britons to holiday at home this year, and with tight budgets in mind, Philip’s is warning drivers […]

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The long way around the River Humber

David Hooper with the Honda Accord pictured near the Humber Bridge. The price of crossing the Humber Bridge is a hotly debated issue, so wheelworldreviews editor DAVID HOOPER finds out if it really is cheaper to go the long way round. His results make interesting reading and are certain to fuel the arguments. Filling up, […]

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Lessons in the art of evasive driving techniques

Doing things with cars most people will never have to, wheelworldreviews editor DAVID HOOPER learns the art of evasive driving from the professionals. Dave Bertie teaches the art of evasive driving at Rockingham in a Citroen C2. Getting shouted at increases the pressure – and makes the manoeuvres harder. BEING confronted by insurgents wielding AK47s […]

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Bond’s Aston is Britain’s most iconic car

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 is Britain’s most iconic car. JAMES Bond’s fabulous DB5 has been named the most iconic British car of all time. The silver Aston Martin, which has featured in a number of Bond films, took the limelight in a poll of 2,300 people for the digital TV channel Dave. In contrast, […]

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