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Volkswagen Tiguan Match 2.0 TDI 140PS review & road test report

Volkswagen Tiguan Match 2.0 TDI review & road test report

THE Volkswagen Tiguan, in its various guises, has been around since 2007, and despite its recent facelift, is beginning to show its age in my opinion, not having stood the test of time as well as the rest of the VW range.
Its chunky looks are in many ways timeless, but the front end and the car’s nose in particular, are the issue here.
The Tiguan is spacious inside and very comfortable to travel in. It’s also well kitted out for family duties, with aircraft-style fold-down trays on the back of the front seats, plenty of leg room and a decent sized boot.

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newq Polo

Revamped, but unmistakeably a Polo

At first glance, the latest VW Polo doesn’t look radically different. Motoring writer Keith Ward finds out if the Polo is still cool. NOT much looks different at first sight of the new VW Polo, which arrived in UK showrooms this July. Revised headlights and bigger lower air intake at the front, redesigned rear lights and […]

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Revamped Yeti — monster or mouse?

— Skoda has been making big strides in the UK market in recent years. Motoring writer Keith Ward finds out if the revamped Yeti is abominable or heartwarming. ANYONE ever spotted the abominable snowman? Plenty have seen the Yeti. Skoda have sold almost 30,000 compact SUV’s of that name in the UK and more than  250,000 […]

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Leon adds touch of Spanish flair to estate market

SEAT claims its new Leon is cheaper and meaner than its rivals. But is it built down to a price? Motoring writer Keith Ward finds out. SEAT have sold a total 600,000 vehicles in the UK after a hesitant start nearly 30 years ago, in a build-up peaking here last year at more than 45,000, all […]

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Renault set out to Captur hearts and minds

One thing you can’t accuse Renault’s Captur of being is a shrinking violet. Motoring writer Keith Ward finds out if it’s more than an exercise in design. IF the Renault Captur is out to capture attention it succeeds.  Three optional eye-catching colour themes are alluringly dubbed Arizona Orange, Miami Blue and Manhattan Ivory. This car, modest in […]

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Cafe racer

Taste of Italian cafe culture

ITALIAN motorbikes have always had their devotees, including the cafe racing machines. Most of the top marques have had plenty of books written about them, but until now no one has produced one specially covering cafe racers. Coming from a nation with a great motorcycle racing heritage, Italian motorcycles have, unsurprisingly, always had a sporting […]

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Suzuki shows off classic race machines

MOST bikers like nothing more than going out on a Sunday and meeting like-minded riders. And Suzuki has a treat for you all. The Japanese bike maker’s UK arm has teamed up with the famous Sausage Cafe to bring you something special. For the second time this year, Suzuki will join forces with the Northamptonshire […]

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Kia c’eed given the revamp treatment

Kia is confident of the build quality of its c’eed. So confident it gives it a seven-year warranty. Motoring writer Keith Ward sees if it drives as well. KIA celebrated annual record sales of 72,090 in the UK last year – so more than doubled in five years – and predict a further boost to 75,000 […]

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